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Welcome to the Official Website for Decentralisation in Namibia

The Government of the Republic of Namibia has adopted the policy of decentralisation as a national policy that seeks to promote participatory democracy and sustainable development for the benefit of its citizens.

Aims of Decentralisation

  • Ensure economic, cultural and socio-economic development, providing people at the grassroots level the opportunity to participate in their own decision-making and extending democracy
  • Give sub-national governments discretionary powers to plan, budget, and implement in response to local needs, but within the framework of a Unitary State

Objectives of Decentralisation

  • To extend, enhance and guarantee participatory democracy.
  • To ensure, enhance and safeguard rapid sustainable development.
  • To transfer real power to the Regional Councils and Local Authorities based on national ideals and values.
  • To improve the capacities of regional and local government councils to plan. implement, manage and monitor delivery of services to their constituents.

Definition of Decentralisation

Decentralization is the transfer of political, financial and administrative power and decision making from central -to sub-national government in a unitary state.

Ministry of Urban & Rural Development Management

Minister of MURD

Hon.  Peya Mushelenga

Minister - Ministry of Urban & Rural Development

Deputy Minister

Hon. Derek Klazen

Deputy Minister

Permanent Secretary

Nghidinua Daniel

Permanent Secretary

Godwin Sikabongo

Godwin Sikabongo

Director for Decentralisation Coordination